Michael Ventris
English Decipherer of Linear B

Ventris photo1_web
Michael Ventris

Switzerland 1930_web
8-Year Old Michael Ventris (lower, front left) in Switzerland with His Family and Family Friends

Ventris 14 years old_web
14-Year Old Michael Ventris at Stowe School (1936), the Year He First Encountered Linear B

Stowe School
Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, England; Michael Attended Stowe School from the Age of 13 to 17 (1935-1939)

Ventris RAF_web
Michael Evans (front row, second from left) with Fellow Royal Air Force Trainees (1943)

Ventris photo2
Michael Ventris Examining Tablet Containing Linear B Script

Ventris Photo3_web
Michael Ventris

Phonetic Grid_web
Michael Ventris’ Phonetic “Grid” from his Note Book (January 1951)

Sign Frequency Table_web
Sign Frequency Table from Michael’s Note Book (May 1951)

Final Linear B Syllabic Grid_web
Michael Ventris’ Third (and Final) Syllabic Grid (February 1952)

page 1 1952 Vocabulary List_web
Page 1 of Michael Ventris’ Mycenaean Vocabulary List (July 1952)

Tablet p641 and Ventris Drawings_web
Linear B Tablet #P641 with Michael Ventris’ Own Drawings and Translations by Michael Ventris and John Chadwick

Linear B Syllabary_web
Linear B Syllabary

Linear B Logograms
Linear B Logograms

Michael’s Mother, Dorothea Ventris; On June 16, 1940, She Committed Suicide.